lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

Why I am passionate about education?

Let me start by apologizing. English is not my first language and I have to admit I speak english like a horse.
I never liked school. I am dyslexic and with ADD. I finished school and started my own business at the age of 19. Then you get into life and forget school until .... you go it, until you have kids.
 When I had my first kid 10 years ago I started questioning myself about the fact that we are not providing our kids with the right tools to face life. After working for 25 years with top executives around the world in over a dozen countries, I got to a simple conclusion: We need more happy people in our planet. Sounds naive? Maybe, but just think about it: A CEO with the power to influence thousands of people, with a big fat paycheck at the end of each month and living by antidepressants and anxiety drugs. It is non-sense. It will affect his family, his work environment and his community.... non-sense. And why? Probably because at the age of 13 to 16 he didn't got the chance to figure out what was his real passion in life, what does he really like to do, what brings him joy, happiness and satisfaction and how to get the right tools to turn that passion into his way of living.
 I don't know about you but every time I look at my kids I think that I want them to be happy, I want them to realize that 80% of their conscious life as an adult they will spend working and I can't help by wonder: If they spend this 80% doing what they like the most, do they have a better chance to be happy? If they do, is this going to positive affect their families and communities? Not sure but WHY NOT trying?
What I am doing today with my team is working hard to help as many teens we can to discover this simple fact and get the right skills to awake the potential and talents every kid have within. Why us? .... Well, why not?

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