Batman is my favorite super hero. He is just a regular guy (super billionaire by the way) with a crazy training routine and a pocket full of "toys". His most powerful "toy" is his belt. Batman's belt holds all kinds of weapons. When Batman goes out to fight crime, he always wears his belt.  He feels confident dealing with adversity because he knows he is wearing his belt.
Throughout life we need to deal difficult situations as well. Probably not like Batman, but sooner or later we'll find out that life can punch us in the face. Day to day we leave home to complete "missions", fight the "bad guys" and deal with real "scary" challenges such us: ask for a raise to your boss, find a new job, motivate your teammates, close that big sale, fix your marriage or get along with your teen son/daughter… or sometimes, we simply we feel lost. Sometimes we don't even know who "the bad guy" is or what is the "challenge". We do not know what to do with our life…
Have you ever got lost driving around your City?
What do you feel in that situation?
Frustration, anger, anxious? Helpless, irritated, mad and maybe even fear?
If that is what you feel when you are lost driving in a city, imagine what  you feel when you are lost in life.
At the end it's about balance and that is why we decided to build the ultimate Batman's belt:  The CUBE.
The CUBE is full of skills, skills you will need in order to accomplish your day to day challenges. Communication skills, creativity skills, energy skills and of course self-leadership skills so we can learn how to manage our own life and our influence on others.
Do you want to try our Batman's belt? Please do. Come and visit us and follow us in Twitter @thecubenow Instagram and like us on Facebook:
Once you have the skills, once you wear your "belt", you will hit the streets every day with a completely different level of confidence. Train your body, train your brain, get your skills set together and move your life to the next level .... just like Batman.